You're PDeffingP ;]
Im 17, living in San Diego and im probably the strangest and most awkward person you'll ever come across in your life.

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I hate your reputation and I hate what you do every time youre drunk.


The memories I have will pull me through and I will love the CTFxC always. I’m going to miss the old type of vlogs but new ones are coming it’s scary but it may be a good thing. Charles and Alli deserve to be happy no matter what! No sides will be taken in my part and none should be taken by my fellow CTFxCers.
My heart is broken and I haven’t stopped crying. I can only imagine how Charles and Alli are feeling. They need our support love and prayers right now. Sometimes people can’t handle the stress that comes with cancer and tumor’s it is known to tear relationships apart. It’s a lot of stress especially on a young couple. Charles and Alli will always be the ideal couple in my eyes. They gave me hope that I can find love like that one day. I just kinda wished they tried a bit harder maybe counseling but then again they might have we don’t know what happens when the camera is off.
I wish nothing but happiness for them both. I will miss them together and the vlogs won’t be the same. My signed poster of Charles, Alli, Zoey and Marley still hangs in my room and I will look at it with fond memories, happiness, sadness and hope.
We are the CTFxC we can handle anything even when it feels like our world and theirs have been torn apart.


my favorite sport is figuring out which girls from my school are gay

I love how when I show up at your practices you run right into my arms and tell me how much you missed me even though I just saw you a couple hours ago. Youre cute haha. I like you.

I dont want to do this if I dont get all of you. I hate that im like sharing you and i hate that you have the slut rep at school. I just want you to make up your fucking mind.

This broke my heart.

Prove to me that youre not the same guy you were in high school. Prove that you changed and you arent like that anymore. Cause if you cant, then I dont want anything to do with you…


you can never “just be friends” with someone you fell in love with.


I’m sorry for all the selfies today i just felt very happy and like a princess

Topanga Lawrence: Best role model for girls since 1993